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Jude Fontenot, VP of Training and Learning, Data-DynamixJude Fontenot, VP of Training and Learning One of the gospel truths that modern-age marketers swear by is targeted ads—curated with meticulously crafted data-driven profiles— yield conversion rates and sales vastly superior to their untargeted counterparts. However, in the game of digital marketing, most marketers are squiggling along a wispy line of demarcation between ads that entice you and the ones that annoy you. The reason behind this is clear— Generation Z is more keen on engaging with a brand that has something relevant to offer, which resonates with them. A clear manifestation of this notion is the geofencing strategy, which is ensuring a win-win situation for retailers and customers by seamlessly integrating the online and offline experience via mobile. No wonder, to stay on the radar of their target consumers through digital devices, marketers are promptly boarding the geo-fencing bandwagon, enhancing all of the interactions with their customer, in-store, and out.

Exemplifying the same is the case of a Toyota dealership in the Midwest that historically struggled to overcome a severe geographic challenge limiting their sales from “the other side of a river,” cutting their available market in half. To reach their consumers stuck on “the other side of the river,” they were on a relentless quest for a solution that aptly fits their need. Additionally, the dealer looked to exceed competitors’ sales by delivering ads to mobile devices when consumers visited competitors’ lots. To achieve this goal, they invested in sophisticated identity resolution technology and data platform—powered by Data-Dynamix—and successfully targeted 16,500 deterministically graphed and location-verified owners of autos—manufactured in 2016 and before—with a credit rating of over 650. Data- Dynamix’s platform also targeted 438,000 consumers with over 650 credit rating on “the other side of the river” to help drive new prospective consumers to their website and dealership.

With the intuitive platform at the core, the dealership was able to target the owners of 9,800 mobile devices that were on competitors’ lots by setting up geofences at their locations. The results were overwhelming: The owners of 59 targeted devices purchased 29 of the 35 vehicles sold at the Toyota dealership. The 12-day campaign drove 400 new target consumers to the dealer’s website and influenced 23 of the 29 sales—0.23 percent CTR-through IP Address/ Device ID—targeted online/in-app ads. While the geofencing approach steered 65 target consumers to the dealer’s website and influenced 5 of the 29 sales, the location data drove 72 target consumers to the dealer’s website and influenced 1 of the 29 sales. Influencing 29 of 35 sales truly exceeded the mark. At the heart of the dealer’s striking success, Data-Dynamix—a company that specializes in providing modern targeting solutions for addressing the present-day marketing needs—is empowering numerous clients with similar results.

When it comes to mobile advertising and marketing, location is key

When it comes to unparalleled targeting across multiple channels by leveraging data, Colorado-based Data-Dynamix leads the charge by equipping clients with an exclusive reservoir of IP address, device ID, email, and postal targeting data (data segments) while redefining contemporary cross-channel advertising through its data platform— Deterministix. The data platform enables advertisers to target IP addresses and device IDs of consumers based on their location-verified home addresses—graphed against one of the most comprehensive demographic datasets in the industry. Particularly designed for permission-based targeted email marketing, the platform helps drive traffic, develop new customer relationships, and serves as the cornerstone of a multi-channel digital advertising campaign.

As a trusted partner for marketing data, Data-Dynamix draws on its rich experience of two decades in driving results with data and provides seamless targeting across multiple channels through a deterministic matching process with Deterministix. “Over the last year and a half, we have built our identity resolution graph that drives home, through a 90 percent confidence level, matched data, down to an individual persona. Our graph comprises an exceptionally robust email database graphed to the IP addresses that the individuals are using along with the mobile device IDs associated with the same personas, which are further matched to our repository of offline consumer data, including demographics and physical home addresses,” begins Jude Fontenot, VP of Training and Learning at Data-Dynamix.

We have a robust taxonomy of several hundred overarching segments that are applied to about 240 million U.S. adults

A Rich History

Founded in 1999 by Brent Fankhauser, a direct marketing expert, Data- Dynamix’s ascension to success can be attributed to its great leadership. Data-Dynamix commenced its journey as a licensed list brokerage engaging in sourcing data, conducting research, organizing and gleaning information for direct mail campaigns and SMS text message campaigns.

Fast forward five years, Fankhauser was quick to identify that email addresses were part of the list he was licensing, which amounted to a staggering number on an annual basis. It was only a matter of time when he realized the value of email address data points and started mulling over email marketing. He began to license this data, aggregate the email addresses, adopt an email marketing database while practicing data maintenance and database hygiene. Thereafter, by 2008, Data-Dynamix took the marketing game up a notch with its strong, extensive email database, delivering it to its partners in the traditional print and broadcast media arenas and generating more revenues for them. However, stepping into the next decade, the Data-Dynamix team discerned that just an email solution is not the sole answer to customers’ growing demands, and to that end, the team began devising a broader traditional programmatic and cookie-based targeting mechanism. Following this, with Brendon Brigham—the VP of Customer Experience and Product Integration at Data-Dynamix—joining the company, Fankhauser and other members of the product development team steered the company toward the customer data sphere to drive data-driven deterministically sourced programmatic campaigns that are not reliant upon cookies. The journey from there on was just a matter of infiltrating the market. The company today holds a unique value proposition in the marketplace with the data-intensive identity graph it has built.

Data is the Name of the Game

Shedding light on their unmatched targeting capabilities, Data-Dynamix is taking mobile marketing to the next level by not just tracking down an individual based on their mobile device ID but by also expanding that mobile environment to their home. “As such, when they connect their home WiFi and use their browser or any application on their device, or even multiple devices, we reach them on those IPs as well,” Fontenot adds.

“When it comes to mobile advertising and marketing, location is key,” he continues. To that end, Data-Dynamix takes a custom geofencing approach, much like a listening mechanism for a particular location, to listen to the devices that arrive or visit the specific locations created—be it a customer’s brick and mortar store or a competitor’s store. The company is also focusing on daily feeds to boost their mobile strategies as well. Fontenot notes, “Working in close collaboration with our customers, we were able to take those permission-based mobile device IDs, tossed them back into our identity resolution platform, and helped reach them back at home on the IPs that are associated with the persona or via their mailbox with anonymized postal information as well.”

As agencies and media groups continue to incline toward more streamlined and comprehensive solutions from a self-service standpoint, Data-Dynamix is primed to render everything from full-service data and media solutions to self-service capabilities, be it programmatic or email or major sphere data segmentation. “We have a robust taxonomy of several hundred overarching segments that are applied to about 240 million U.S. adults,” remarks Fontenot. Besides offering full service to customers, Data-Dynamix also allows them to use and license its data wherein they can extract the various segments they need. More importantly, Data- Dynamix also provides them the option to leverage their first-party data by onboarding their CRM data and applying the same taxonomy to help them pull in various segments out of the CRM data. With Data-Dynamix’s comprehensive taxonomy, organizations are going beyond their first-party data to drive new sales, leads, and business. And this is exactly what sets Data-Dynamix a class apart from its industry peers. As Fontenot puts it, “Underpinning the entire process is the customers’ mobile device IDs, which also help mobile advertisers maintain continuity in their campaigns through IP addresses, physical addresses while keeping track of their mobile device.”
Security and Anonymity at the Core

Data-Dynamix further extends the value of this data-sharing utopia by blending anonymity. “A crucial component of our graph is personally identifying (PII) information protection,” emphasizes Fontenot. Data-Dynamix truly upholds the consumers’ privacy by providing a single list of anonymized mobile device IDs, and IP, postal, and email addresses through the identity graph while ensuring that the pieces are not tied together. Not just that, Data-Dynamix’s platform is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). “We police ourselves through the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) principles as do we police our customers that use the data and place them on media to uphold and protect consumers’ PII,” he adds.

Be it self-service or full service, the company also provides customers with the opportunity to deploy the customer mobile device ID and IP address data for their own campaigns. “The mobile device IDs also help our customers take that same level of targeting into the social realm, wherein they can also use the list of device IDs to extend into Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, or any other channel.”

When it comes to aligning attribution to campaigns, unlike Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics that rely on a click to initiate customer interaction and attribution, Data- Dynamix starts with customer data, measures and monitors the media as it is delivered or allows self-service customers to do the same. Following this, it takes the sales and leads, bumps them into the identity resolution platform, and then connects the data segments to show how those customers or sales were influenced by the campaign.

A Steady Streak of Success

To prove how this tactic affects overall sales, Data-Dynamix assisted a BMW and Mini dealer that has been using Data- Dynamix email with online/in-app device data-driven email remarketing to those that receive the email for years, to significantly influence their sales. Data-Dynamix performed a data-driven attribution process that first matched the email and email remarketing data to the dealer’s sales data to identify those that were included in the campaign. Thereafter, the influenced sales data was compared with the media performance to verify the media’s overall sales attribution and value. Executing 13 emails with data-driven email remarketing campaigns covering a period of five months, Data-Dynamix influenced 41.4 percent of their sales. During this period, over 41,000 emails/ online/in-app impressions were served to the individuals that ultimately purchased 609 vehicles; only 469 of these sales involved an email/ad click. Additionally, 140 influenced sales that did not click at all were sent an email and were served online/ in-app ads that they didn’t click. This case clearly highlights the value Data-Dynamix brings to the table while aligning attribution with offline data, which is not limited to a click. When it comes to remarketing tactics, repeated messaging to the right target consumer is key to getting them to convert—whether it be TV, radio, print or digital reach—all mediums work together to drive sales. In one of Data-Dynamix’s recent email with email remarketing campaigns, data-driven attribution proves that when speaking to the right data-driven audience with frequency, they will act. The company assisted a Nissan/Volkswagen dealer in driving 35.5 percent of all sales through email with email remarketing campaign covering a 2-week promotion while influencing 13.4 percent of leads. Of the 182 sales or prospects influenced by the email and email remarketing strategy—76.4 percent ultimately purchased a vehicle.

As identity resolution and data-driven targeting picks steam, Data-Dynamix is poised to propel the transition from a cookie-based third-party targeted marketing to a data-driven mechanism. For the next two years, the Data- Dynamix team is all set to create a bigger impact by helping customers eliminate the anonymity of site visitors and newsletter joiners, where they have limited information at their disposal. Fontenot mentions, “We also believe that location data will grow in importance and will be centered on influencing media campaigns. And, with this in mind, we have built our location product whereby we can listen to particular custom geofenced areas so that we identify the devices that are moving in there.” Further, by bringing the data back into the identity resolution graph, Data-Dynamix is looking at ensuring the privacy of the consumer and also empowering customers to reach their consumers in a privacy-compliant manner.
- Debra Morgan
    September 18, 2019
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Jude Fontenot, VP of Training and Learning

Data-Dynamix specializes in providing modern targeting solutions with unparalleled targeting across multiple channels. When it comes to unparalleled targeting across multiple channels by leveraging data, Colorado-based Data-Dynamix leads the charge by equipping clients with an exclusive reservoir of IP address, device ID, email, and postal targeting data (data segments) while redefining contemporary cross-channel advertising through its data platform—Deterministix. As a trusted partner for marketing data and one of the top mobile marketing companies, Data-Dynamix draws on its rich experience of two decades in driving results with data and provides seamless targeting across multiple channels through a deterministic matching process with Deterministix