Airpush: Data Powered Mobile Advertising

Asher Delug, Founder & CEO, AirpushAsher Delug, Founder & CEO As a range of multimedia ads in newer formats hit users’ mobile screens, the journey of mobile ad networks is directed toward enhancing the user engagement. Ever since Airpush’s inception in 2010, its exceptional idea of allowing users to click the ads at their convenience has been an instant hit. Airpush’s inventive ad formats as well as targeting and delivery technology has witnessed widespread adoption by the publisher and advertiser community. Asher Delug, the founder and CEO of Airpush, is spearheading the disruption in the mobile ad network landscape by bringing ease into ad delivery and consumption. Propelled by the thought leadership of Delug, Airpush is today roaring with the success of around 100,000 apps with its unique mobile ad SDK. With Airpush, advertisers achieve higher Click Through Rates (CTRs) while developers and publishers achieve greater monetization opportunities.

Airpush’s patent pending ad formats, built for mobile from ground up, deliver enhanced user experience. Advertisers leverage Airpush’s self-service portal to select from an array of ad types including: banner ads, push ads, icon ads, dialog ads, AppWall ads, rich media ads, and landing page ads. These ads can be presented to the consumer in areas such as the notification tray of the Android devices; the icon ad can be placed on the homescreen as an icon similar to a preinstalled app; the dialog ad can be displayed to users as a dialog box inside an app, delivering a call-to-action to engage with the advertiser. Further, the company’s creative abstract banner ads allow advertisers to expand the ads into full motion transparent overlays over content. Furthermore, the rich media ads improve campaign performance by up to 5x higher CTRs than standard banners while increasing the post click conversions.

The multifarious ad formats of Airpush have catapulted many a business to greater success. For instance, when TableCard, a discounts-based restaurant check-in app, came into existence, the founders had an uphill task of building the brand identity among mobile users. The company’s search for scalable mobile advertising networks resulted in taking several ad networks on board including Airpush. However, in just few days, TableCard realized that Airpush performed better than all the other mobile ad networks in terms of traffic, conversion rates, and overall user engagement. TableCard utilized Airpush’s range of ads including Push Notification, Dialog and Icon Ads to achieve low Cost-Per-Install (CPI). The client also leveraged Airpush’s geographic targeting capabilities, enabling TableCard to send ads based on users’ precise locations. With information about the most likely person to respond to offers in real-world locations, TableCard is able to plan better and achieve growth at minimum cost.

The rich media ads improve campaign performance by up to 5x higher CTRs than standard banners while increasing the post click conversions

Value-Driven Technology

Adding more flavor to Airpush’s ad delivery capabilities is its 360 Interstitial technology which provides a full page ad shown within an app in an interstitial ad format. The 360 Interstitial technology presents users with a list of sponsored apps including video ads and full page rich media ads. Further, the optimization algorithm embedded in the Airpush ad platform selects the right sub-format to display the ad by evaluating the network connection, so developers do not need to pre-select any interstitial format. The company also provides advanced learning algorithms that aid advertisers in reducing the cost per acquisition and achieve consistent improvement in metrics.

In addition, Airpush leverages the fact that Real Time Bidding (RTB) has great value in modern mobile marketing where ad inventory is purchased and sold on a per-impression basis through a programmatic, instantaneous auction. Airpush has introduced AirDSP, a mobile real-time bidding platform for advertisers where they can access multiple exchanges by competing in the mobile RTB market from a single interface that paves the path for rich audience targeting. Airpush has partnered with Inneractive, MobClix, MoPub, OpenX, Smaato and other mobile RTB supply sources around the world, in order to provide AirDSP clients with nearly limitless scale for RTB campaigns.

Across its engagements with developers and advertisers, Airpush maintains transparency in handling user data. The opt-out option ensures consumers stay in control of their digital experience with respect to their ad experience. As an example, for Push Ads, Airpush offers a permanent opt-out to end-users which blocks this ad format from all apps. Additionally, Airpush adheres to all guidelines required by the Google Developer Policy and the Play Store while complying to the standards of transparency and consumer controls. Airpush’s policy is designed in such a way that a consumer will be required to opt-in for the ads during the app installation process. To support its user base, Airpush has a campaign approval team that oversees advertiser campaigns and checks compliance requirements both before and after approval.

Airpush demonstrates transparent monetization opportunities as it believes that developers are made to wait for longer durations before they can monetize their ad inventory. Airpush’s latest SDK provides greater monetization opportunities for every 1,000 ad impressions on a single webpage for publishers. So developers see faster returns—in a week—compared to other ad networks where strained policies create hurdles for ad inventory monetization.
With Airpush, developers can access a portal to view near real-time stats on traffic and earnings across all ad formats through the in-app analytics while being able to select payment methods and viewing billing history.

Better Monetization

Airpush has created a new data platform,, for mobile app publishers to make money without ads. allows publishers to monetize the user data through a unique data marketplace. The platform enables mobile publishers to transmit real-time user data onto its data marketplace. Data companies access this data to augment their databases with an unprecedented number of actionable data sets. This results in a dedicated mobile data marketplace that allows mobile publishers and data companies to quickly make transactions at scale.

" allows publishers to monetize the user data through a unique data marketplace" redefines the traditional ad network model by replacing advertising CPMs with revenue generated from valuable data. The platform, which protects consumers via a transparent end-user opt-in, has the ability to reduce the number of overall ads that a user sees, while increasing the relevance of the ads and their overall value. Because of the opt-in nature of their integrations, Airpush is able to deliver unique mobile data sets instantaneously. As soon as consumers download the app— embedded with SDK— and agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA), the SDK will begin transmitting data. The amount of revenue any app generates is based on the data it contributes via the SDK to the data marketplace.

The API Angle

Airpush provides Advertiser APIs such as conversion tracking API, Campaign API, and Reporting API to capture the real time developments of the ad campaigns. These APIs help advertisers measure the performance of their Airpush campaigns and maximize their ROI. It allows users to track app downloads and mobile web conversions to better measure conversions, revenue per conversion, cost per conversion, and conversion rate percentage. Additionally, Airpush’s Campaign API allow users to programmatically set parameters for campaign metadata, creative, bidding and more, along with administrative functions such as creating new campaigns and changing campaign status. Airpush’s Reporting API is an intuitive interface for advertisers to request reports and manage their campaign’s statistics directly through restful APIs.

Throughout his career, Delug has believed in staying bootstrapped and returning back to the drawing board rather than looking for investors to drive business growth. Leading a team of experts in marketing and mobile software development, Delug looks forward to build on the success of Airpush to deliver greater ROI for marketers and developers. In today’s world, increasingly influenced by Virtual Reality (VR), the next phase of Airpush’s journey is toward delivering an interstitial ad unit that offers less than a minute, 360 degree advertisements to consumers using VR apps.