Applause: Furnishing Market Ready Mobile Apps

CIO VendorDoron Reuveni, CEO & Co-Founder
In the new age of business, reaching to the customers through devices they mostly use plays a key role in boosting sales figures. With mobile applications being ubiquitous, connecting through smartphones and tablets bridges organizations with consumers directly, exchanging text message, push notifications, emails, mobile check-ins and even social media interactions. This is proving to be crucial in updating consumers with the latest product launches, special discounts and other promotion parameters. However, these applications have to be compatible on Android, iOS or on IoT platform which needs to be tested efficiently to ensure product's quality, time-to-market and profitability. Applause, with over a decade of expertise in software testing is delivering market ready mobile applications to offer great digital experiences–from web and mobile to wearables, IoT and beyond.

With in-depth exploratory testing capabilities, Applause ensures enterprise websites, mobile apps and connected devices work efficiently without any operational breakdowns. The testing workflows locate issues before they get released in to the real world. The firm’s expert testers carefully detect issues and defects from unexpected usage patterns or conditions. The team comprising of domain experts collaborate with enterprises to furnish industry specific solutions and discuss with the clients on the most important features to eliminate wastage of time and resources in the testing processes. The firm’s testing framework includes unique tools that enable organizations to approve relevant operations during the testing process, while enabling direct communication for customization. Further, with the Applause 360 degree App Quality Dashboard, customers can view their app health and efficiency with additional capabilities to review all of their active and past test cycles.

By testing various applications on Android, iOS, Windows and other devices, no matter what combinations of device, form factor, OS, carrier or location the client has, Applause delivers a high-market platform with maximum device coverage.

Applause ensures enterprise websites, mobile apps and connected devices work efficiently without operational breakdowns every time, everywhere

This guarantees that the websites, mobile apps or connected devices are intuitive, user-friendly and relevant for consumers anywhere in the world.

To further make apps incontrovertible, Applause Feedback Solutions check for user experience and their expectations. By combining the power of customer feedback with industry standards, Applause’s usability experts guide enterprises in creating new age digital experience platforms and is well appreciated by clients across domains. For instance, Charlie Young, Lead Mobile Strategy Consultant at NHS— Applause’s esteemed client, says “What we really wanted to know was how humans would use our app. People use smartphones in many different ways, so we needed to make sure the user experience lived up to expectations–and that’s where Applause provided such values.”

The success story of Syύs is yet another testimony to Applause’s strong footholds in the testing domain. The health-care startup struggled without a dedicated QA team to test for data validation, accuracy, and performance testing which resulted in inconsistent results and slow response times in resolving their customer complaints. However, hiring a full team proved expensive, time consuming, and unnecessary. By leveraging Applause’s large community of testers, Syύs delivered high quality actionable digital solutions. “Since using Applause, our cycle time to get out customer deliverables has certainly decreased,” says Laura Reynolds, VP of Operations, Syύs.

Applause is uniquely positioned as the de facto leader in digital experience testing, usability feedback and research,” says Doron Reuveni, CEO, Applause. Over the past years, Applause has been a driving force behind delivering great digital experiences across web, mobile and IoT as well as brick-and-mortar, assisting enterprises market their products to a wide variety of consumers.