Marketo: Journeying Along with the Customer

CIO VendorSteve Lucas, CEO
Trail Blazers, Portland’s home team, has remained a highly successful franchise of the National Basketball Association since their first jump shot. Trail Blazers now attributes its popularity in the Pacific Northwest post the 2013-14 season to the SaaS-based Marketo Marketing Platform and its mobile marketing module. Driving fan footfalls into sporting events at Portland’s Rose Quarters was the primal focal point for the team’s management. The course to be taken to realize these goals required a sound mobile marketing campaign—both intelligent and empathetic. “How do you engage with millions of people, at scale, but with personalized marketing strategies for each individual?” articulates Steve Lucas, CEO, Marketo. Creating a sense of belonging in the Pacific Northwest, and engaging the fans with the right content, at the right time, at the right place and in the right context; Trail Blazer’s managed all of this through the Marketo platform. That very season, the Portland favorites saw a record 96 percent season ticket renewal rate. The improved conversion rates also brought in the spoils of a battle won— valuable insights into the behavior of the fans and how they perceived the franchise.

Marketo’s mobile marketing solution encompasses a wide range of channels with the nuclear mission of getting a 360 degree understanding of the consumer. As the consumer progresses through the brand engagement journey, the channels used for triggering marketing content must also transform as naturally as the consumer. Initially bolstered by application and social media advertisement, the mobile marketing solution allows you to move effortlessly to more insightful channels like push notifications and in-app messages. Marketo Engagement Platform allows the user to build a marketing campaign structure which seamlessly flows across these various channels in tandem with customers’ status in the journey towards brand loyalty.

Marketo’s Mobile Marketing module ensures that definition of the user remains unified and singular

Powerful insights prompt the user to trigger a call-to-action, while plugging in various nuances of customer data such as location, activity and behavior.

Although the data streams from a plethora of channels like in-app activities, social media keywords, frequented locations and usage patterns, Marketo’s Mobile Marketing module ensures that definition of the user remains unified and singular. Their Engagement Engine performs integration of mobile app engagement in customer care conversations and other media by allowing the user to funnel insights from multiple channels. This attribute has been crucial in making the Marketo platform, one that eliminates ambiguity, as Steve points out, “For each touch point that enters the digital and mobile world, we have a touch solution built onto our platforms by us as well as by over 600 partners.”

Marketo’s mobile marketing solution does not limit itself with the collection of customer stats from various data points; it also helps the user know which mobile marketing strategy is delivering the best ROI. The platform guides their clients in defining and assessing performance metrics and analyses real-time data to give them comprehensive view of their mobile marketing campaign. Marketo also ensures the integrity and security of sensitive and personal information, whilst guiding its clients through the maze of compliances to be achieved and regulations to be adhered to.

As is with any form of digitalization, there is always a stimulus for change. As marketing strategies evolve, Marketo's platform delivers experiences that are location aware on devices that customers care about at the moment that matters.