YouAppi: Maximizing Return on Mobile App Advertising

$alt_name"Moshe Vaknin, CEO and Co-founder
Moshe Vaknin, CEO and Co- Founder, YouAppi realized in 2011 that the exponential growth of mobile apps had given users too many choices. With all those choices, it was too easy for a user to switch to a new application, reducing revenue from that user to just the initial install. “YouAppi’s user acquisition technology was developed to focus on finding profitable users,” says Vaknin and the ability to find profitable users became YouAppi’s differentiator.

Today, YouAppi offers a full suite of mobile growth marketing solutions, from acquisition to re-engagement, via the company’s OneRun™ platform. YouAppi’s technology combines the power of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning technology with the company's proprietary predictive and matching algorithms to analyze the mobile content consumption patterns of over 1.5B users. Prospective app users are targeted based on unique Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) determined by the app marketer. Leveraging four years of historical data, YouAppi's matching algorithm matches the right ad to the right user based on analysis of the advertiser’s app DNA and targeted user cohorts. The app's DNA is determined by key characteristics including category, sub-category, keywords, target regions, etc. User cohorts are determined by the digital behavior of users most likely to be interested in the application. With these parameters, the matching algorithm delivers the right users, qualified before the install, to premium advertisers guaranteeing marketers true return on ad spend (ROAS).“The OneRun platform is a full-cycle user acquisition solution, optimizing the complete user journey from awareness to purchase,” says Vaknin.

YouAppi’s platform also addresses the growing concern of mobile fraud and malware by integrating a series of fraud prevention tools into the OneRun platform, including IP Blacklisting, Click Validity Analysis, Users Multiple Clicks Analysis, Hourly Install and Conversion Analysis and Continuous Automated App Scanning.

The OneRun platform is a full-cycle user acquisition solution, optimizing the complete user journey from awareness to purchase

According to Vaknin, fewer than one in four users return to an app, a day after installing it. To remedy this situation, YouAppi’s re-engagement solution encourages users to re-engage with the app by reaching out to those consumers with the greatest propensity for app usage. App re-engagement analyzes the Post-Install Event patterns of an app's users and targets those consumers with the highest likelihood for frequent app activity using YouAppi’s targeting algorithms. Based on this segmentation analysis, the app re-engagement campaign targets inactive app users via programmatic (RTB) platforms as well as via direct inventory partners, to encourage the user to re-engage with the app.

An example of success is YouAppi’s work with Tokopedia, the largest e-commerce company in Indonesia. Tokopedia’s goal was to move from desktop to mobile by driving users to the company’s mobile app. As a marketplace app, Tokopedia wanted users that would download the app and make purchases. Tokopedia partnered with YouAppi to meet the post-install KPI goals and employ real-time optimization to ensure continuous positive performance. Furthermore, the OneRun™ Fraud Prevention Solution safeguarded Tokopedia’s customer acquisition campaigns, guaranteeing Tokopedia true Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Within two weeks of the campaign, YouAppi had delivered users that exceeded expectations, and continued to perform above Tokopedia’s Install-to-Purchase goal at an average of 151 percent. Since 2012, YouAppi has run more than 15,000 campaigns for 450 leading advertisers, including Uber, Pandora, Weather, King, Apus, Wish, Hulu, Tophatter, Zoosk, Miniclip, Playrix, Alibaba, Walgreens and Pivmo via 100 billion monthly impressions served around the world.

Continuing the marketer’s journey toward mobile user engagement and customer relationship management is the foundation of YouAppi’s platform. “In a few years, we won’t use the term ‘mobile marketing’ because all marketing will be inherently mobile,” says Vaknin, “and YouAppi will be well positioned.”