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Top 10 Mobile Marketing Solution Companies - 2019

With such a wide adoption of mobile devices—smartphones, tablets, and other hand-held devices—across the globe, mobile marketing is gradually surpassing other marketing modes. According to GlobalWebIndex, consumers spend an average of 5.5 hours per day on the internet, majorly on the mobile phone or any other hand-held device. This profound biological reach has led marketers to find effective ways to target and push the boundaries of mobile marketing by using techniques such as geofencing, geotargeting, and push notifications.

Understanding the shifts happening in the domain, Marketing Tech Outlook has compiled a list of Top 10 Mobile Marketing Solution Providers for the year 2019 to guide organizations in developing multi-channel, digital marketing strategies aimed at reaching a target audience on their mobile devices.

We are glad to feature Colorado-based Data-Dynamix on the cover page of our magazine. The company leads the charge when it comes to providing unparalleled targeting across multiple channels by leveraging data. Data-Dynamix equips the clients with an exclusive reservoir of IP address, device ID, email, and postal targeting data (data segments) while redefining contemporary cross-channel advertising through its data platform—Deterministix. Besides, the magazine also features Vivial, the Ohio-based company that makes local online marketing simple. Vivial offers a full range of customer engagement tools to help businesses enhance the way they connect with customers, build loyalty, manage content and track results.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories, these vendors are continually proving their mettle in the field of mobile marketing. We hope this edition of the Marketing Tech Outlook helps you build robust mobile marketing strategies.

We present to you Marketing Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Mobile Marketing Solution Providers - 2019.”

    Top Mobile Marketing Companies

  • Data-Dynamix specializes in providing modern targeting solutions with unparalleled targeting across multiple channels. When it comes to unparalleled targeting across multiple channels by leveraging data, Colorado-based Data-Dynamix leads the charge by equipping clients with an exclusive reservoir of IP address, device ID, email, and postal targeting data (data segments) while redefining contemporary cross-channel advertising through its data platform—Deterministix. As a trusted partner for marketing data and one of the top mobile marketing companies, Data-Dynamix draws on its rich experience of two decades in driving results with data and provides seamless targeting across multiple channels through a deterministic matching process with Deterministix

  • Vivial provides a complete variety of customer engagement instruments to assist companies in strengthening their connectivity with clients, create connections, manage content and monitor outcomes. Vivial is a leading marketing technology company. Vivial enables companies of all kinds to improve visibility utilizing turnkey alternatives which allow clients to return to the company while the organization is working behind the scenes to achieve outcomes. The mission of Vivial is to assist clients in developing their enterprise, whether through simple, inexpensive local marketing technology or a personalized marketing promotion that the organization has grown, enforced and controlled

  • AdMaxim


    AdMaxim is an advanced programmatic full-stack advertising system organization that provides other organizations with the ability to research, plan, produce, implement and optimize precision targets for mobile programmatic campaigns. Established in 2006, AdMaxim is a growing mobile advertising company with its headquarters in Silicon Valley and West End London, and offices globally. The organization offers brands and organizations a solution for developing mobile campaigns through several platforms and then plan, buys and tracks such attacks worldwide through extensive targeting and optimization. AdMaxim is the only firm that can provide a single embedded platform alternative to these requirements, and it is this integrated strategy that provides outcomes that guide the sector continuously

  • Airpush


    AirPush offers disruptive and high-performance monetization and advertising alternatives by becoming data-driven innovators with strong knowledge and innovative vision. Airpush is a global leader in other options for online marketing. Airpush offers one of the most varied and efficient monetization and marketing opportunities in the sector, with robust applications incorporated into over 250,000 portable apps, portable internet and VR assets and one of the world's biggest customer information marketplaces. The company was founded in 2010, with around 250 employees and offices in Los Angeles and Bangalore, as well as sales regions in all major markets

  • Artsai


    Artsai, established in 2012 under the name of Adxcel, consolidates and distorts the marketing sector by incorporating the present fragmentation system vertically with artificial intelligence. Artsai's adaptive advertising automation tool is the first and only option to tackle the full digital journey and to render the whole pile valid instead of concentrating on incremental ad efficiency enhancements. Powered by an interconnected artificial intelligence marketing stack, Artsai's patent-pending adaptive marketing technology carries out several markets tasks including new customer acquisitions, user retention, re-targeted activities, re-engagement and application money-setting, and content optimization

  • FuelX


    FuelX is a technology firm that uses state-of-the-art data science and engineering to provide the first video programming publicity platform for e-commerce companies that are looking to stretch its reach over the open web. The organization partners with innovators that want a fast-changing sector to work together for success. A demand-side platform, data management platform, DV 360 integration, and patented trade indexing engine are seamlessly integrated with FuelX. This fully built-in technology package provides products with access to Open Web programming video, screens and portable promotion. FuelX includes video and online marketing campaigns with targeting, retargeting and complete funneling policies

  • Marketo


    Marketo is an Adobe company that provides marketing companies with the leading commitment platform to create brand value, to develop income and to demonstrate its effect. Marketo is always acknowledged as a leader in development in the industry because of its scalability, efficiency and openness, and it is the trusted platform for thousands of CMOs. The organization has assisted thousands of companies to improve their digital advertising efficiency and boost income development. Marketo offers marketing, lead management, customer and customer base, mobile marketing and solutions for pricing and packaging

  • OneSignal


    OneSignal is a platform for designers and marketer to offer portable, web-based push messages on all systems. The company was established in 2014 with its headquarters in San Mateo, California. OneSignal creates the finest platform to participate clients on all channels intelligently. The organization offers an easy interface that allows content designers to concentrate on customer commitment rather than complicated implementations so that they can press notifications, emails and applications. OneSignal is the most secure and most comfortable way to submit press notifications and is a client participation system used by designers



    In 2007, SUMOTEXT was established in Little Rock in Arkansas to assist and support brands, businesses and the non-profit sector through SMS, MMS and mobile wallets in discussions and trade with mobile viewers. The portable communication platform and APIs regulate mobile messaging and mobile interaction throughout the entire life cycle and include four versatile designs: self-service and leadership services, and hybrid services or API-only. The organization's internet campaign leadership instruments are the most powerful, easy to use and the most elegant option for the race. The company has an experienced squad of mobile marketing professionals that offers instruction and help for customer reports

  • TabMo


    TabMo offers companies and advertisers the portable programming platform. TabMo has developed and run its own portable complete stack programming platform since 2014. The organization is established to serve as the portable programmatic technology for organizations and advertisers for the current generation and enables them to gain access to premium publishers' inventories via deals and to leverage information from trusted and chosen associates on the portable public. TabMo offers a single platform for all requirements, available globally to chosen viewers through portable displays, video and indigenous campaigns