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Top 10 Mobile Marketing Solution Providers 2017

Today the short attention span and frugal brand-loyalty of consumers coupled with the multitude of brand exposures experienced on a daily basis, give marketing teams a miniscule crack-in-the-door to acquire and impact their target. Since the advent of the 21st century, several efforts were made by companies to know when, where, and in which scenario will their customers look for the exact same promotional content that highlights their brand or service. The elusive Holy Grail of consumer attention capture was unearthed with the progress of Mobile Marketing. Throughout its evolution from the primary SMS based marketing right to the push notification feature on smart phones today, Mobile Marketing has been instrumental in the process of amassing and analyzing crucial real-time consumer data.

The ‘on-the-go’ behavioral trend of consumers is ingrained into mobile marketing strategies today with multiple channels like SMS and MMS content, in-app advertisements, push notifications and app recommendations. The triggers are a combination of user location, interests and behavior.

However, there is a gauntlet of privacy concerns, backfiring strategies and inefficient personnel that stands in the way of companies familiarizing themselves with the space. Mobile Marketing Solution Providers have paved the way to overcoming these challenges by rolling out powerful and dexterous marketing platforms. CIOReview has analyzed these players and listed the "Top 10 Mobile Marketing Solution Providers" in a bid to help readers choose the right mobile marketing solution specific to their needs.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Airpush Airpush provides multiple ad formats and targeting technology for effective ad results
Applause Empowering companies of all sizes to deliver digital experiences across every customer touchpoint through in-the-wild testing, user feedback and research solutions
Banjo Providers of real time content discovery by location across multiple social networks.
Gravy Analytics Providing intent & affinity consumer intelligence, and advertising audiences based on verified event attendances and geolocation patterns
Marketo Providers of marketing automation software that delivers inbound marketing, social marketing, CRM, and other related services
mGage Transforming and personalizing mobile relationships with multi-channel capabilities, through their campaign management software
Vibes Solution providers in mobile marketing engagement, helping brands reach consumers on the go
Xooker Xooker is a transformative mobile marketing tool for the SMB market segment. It offers a unique suite of services to attract, acquire, engage, and reward customers via their mobile devices. Consumers can have fun while saving money at their favorite restaurants and shops
Yext Building local brand awareness, increasing conversions and driving more consumer traffic by enhancing online footprint of businesses
YouAppi YouAppi offers a full suite of mobile growth marketing solutions